The purpose of our club is to inspire creativity throughout our school by producing an annual edition of the Tapestry literary arts magazine. Our club offers all students the opportunity to submit their work for consideration through an anonymous reviewing process. We aim to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for writers and artists by conducting this process and by hosting open mic events in which all are free to share their creative works. Additionally, we offer school-wide manuscript editing services for those who are seeking to improve their academic essays, Tapestry submissions, or any creative piece. At the end of the year, we host a publication party for our magazine and all students and teachers are welcome to attend. As the club for our school’s literary arts magazine, we aim to give writers and artists confidence in their work and provide every student with the chance to creatively express themself. By encouraging everyone to submit, we hope to create a magazine that is truly representative of the unique voices that our school’s student body has to offer.